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I am a Senior Principal Research Manager at Microsoft Research, where I manage the MSR Ability group, exploring computing for disability, accessibility and inclusive design. I also hold an affiliate faculty appointment in the Information School at the University of Washington.. I received my BA in Psychology and Cognitive Science from Rice University in 1992 and went on to study Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Oregon where I received my PhD in 1999. I have been working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) since 2000.

Over the years, I have worked on a broad range of HCI topics with a special interest in interdisciplinary work. Research topics have included input technologies, visual perception and graphics, intelligent notifications and disruptions, and interfaces for search and personal information management. From 2010-2016, I managed the Technology for Emerging Markets group (TEM) in Microsoft Research India, focusing on technologies and systems useful for people living in underserved rural and urban communities. After returning to the US in 2016, my research now focuses on inclusive design, exploring how computing can be used to extend and enhance the capabilities of people with disabilities around the world.

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